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Medical Advantage Barcelona

At Medical Advantage Barcelona, we aim to extend the excellent services and procedures provided by the city’s outstanding healthcare facilities and experienced medical professionals to all those considering Medical Travel abroad and treatment in Spain.  Often referred to as Medical Tourism, medical travel to Spain allows patients’ access to treatment as of yet unattainable or unaffordable in their country of origin.

Working with internationally recognised hospitals, equipped with world class facilities, the latest in innovative technology and teams of experienced certified doctors and specialists, we have established a coordination service designed to cater individually to the needs of those who seek expert medical assistance in Barcelona.

Our mutual objective is to provide patients with the very best in effective and affordable personalised treatments and care.

The Barcelona Spine Center, based at the Barcelona Quiron hospital is an excellent example of a quality medical service provider and of the level of expertise available in Barcelona.

Since 2008, the Spine Center under the direction of Neurosurgeon Dr Pablo Clavel has offered patients from all over the world surgical solutions for debilitating back problems and the possibility of returning to an active lifestyle free of pain.

An experienced spinal surgeon, Dr Clavel is one of Europe’s leading artificial disc replacement surgeons (ADR) and is one of a few surgeons globally using the anterior approach in spine surgery.  The achievements and advances made in minimally invasive cervical and lumbar disc replacement procedures at the Barcelona Spine Center has made Dr Pablo Clavel a reference point for all those considering spine surgery.

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Exchanging your Money in Europe: The Basics of Currency Conversion

Traveling to Europe not only means immersing yourself in the culture of the Europeans, but also using their currency to pay for things. Most places will not take American money, so you need to know how to exchange your cash for money in the country you are visiting. A currency converter will help you to easily figure out how far your American cash will go when converted to another form of money.

The Currency Rate in Europe

Before you can figure out the exchange rate of your American money, you need to know what the currency is in the country where you are staying. A large amount of European countries use the Euro and even those countries that have not adopted Euros as the official money will still accept this as a form of payment. 17 countries have officially made the Euro their country currency, which means about 300 million people currently use Euros. The Euro was adopted to make travel between European Union countries easier, as having a universal form of currency makes it possible for Europeans to go to any other EU country without having to exchange their money when entering and leaving. The Euro was originally intended to be nearly equivalent to the American dollar, but unfortunately for Americans, the dollar has fallen against the Euro. When an American exchanges their dollars for Euros, they end up with less cash than they thought they had.

A money and currency converter is necessary so that you can figure out how much your American dollars are in Euros. The currency rate of the Euro and the dollar changes often, so you need a tool that will enable you to determine the amount of money that you have. This tool will give you the current currency rate in Europe. This site also has a Europe currency converter, where you can enter in how much American dollars you have and find out how much this equals in various European currencies.

Not all countries use the Euro, as mentioned above, and while many accept them you will get a far worse exchange rate than if you use the currency of that particular country. Exchange your money if you plan to spend a lot of time and money in a country that does not use the Euro, like Switzerland, to save yourself the cash.

To exchange your cash for a European currency, you can go to a number of different places that will gladly give you the accepted form of currency for your dollars. You will often pay fees at many of these currency exchange sites, so using the ATM is an even better option. With an ATM, you can put in your American bank debit card and receive cash in the currency you request. This is very easy to do and while you will pay some fees to your bank, it is usually a cheaper and easier option than going to a currency exchange station or bank.

The Euro may be stronger than the dollar right now, making it a little hard to swallow for Americans exchanging their cash, but experts expect the two currencies to even out eventually.

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Oman is not the kind of country which often stands at the top of people’s to visit list, unlike Brazil, India or Australia. However, it is an amazing destination with an extremely rich cultural heritage and cuisine. I made my way over to Oman because a friend recommended it, and I thought it was a superb country.

Here are some facts about Oman for those of you are wondering what it’s all about. Oman has a population of 3,300,600 and is considered as a paradise for nature lovers due to its dramatic landscapes and beautiful coastline. It remained largely peaceful during the Arab spring, in case any of you feel that political instability in the region would put you off going to Oman. There is a great range of tourist activities that you can undertake. My favourites were the Forts of Nizwa and the Wadi desert safari. The mountains are also very beautiful indeed and our private tour of Muscat was extremely interesting and engaging. The food was a real treat for your taste buds and while similar to other Middle Eastern cuisines that I have tasted, had a very individual feel. Chicken, fish and mutton are regularly used in dishes. A favourite drink is laban, a salty buttermilk. Yoghurt drinks, flavoured with cardamom and pistachio nuts are also very popular.

Not only was I enamored by the country, I was lucky enough to be staying in the Shangri La hotel – if this isn’t luxury, I don’t know what is. This hotel is completely divine. Everything about the way it has been put together is classy, with hints of international interior influence but also a good amount of authentic Omani touches.  If you stay in Oman and you can, stay here. Huge arched hallways and entrances in a very Middle Eastern style, beautiful curtains which stretched from ceiling to floor – the ceilings where enormous. One thing that was a real blessing after all the safaris, mountain walking and long walks in Muscat was the reclining armchair they had in the bedroom – making the dream of holiday relaxation possible. I am definitely going to get myself one of those. I hope they make them outside of Oman.

All in all, it is well worth a visit and will open your mind a LOT!

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A tourist at home in Cambridge and Oxford

As the famous English writer G.K. Chesterton once said  “The whole object of travel is not to set foot on foreign land; it is at last to set foot on one’s own country as a foreign land.” In a day and age when it is often more attractive and sometimes even cheaper to travel abroad, our own English heritage and tourism is often sadly overlooked and left by the wayside as British travelers flock to the airports in search of not just the sun, sand and sea but also foreign heritage sights and culture. So in search of an interesting way to explore our past from our front door and beyond our usual habits I have come up with an idea of viewing Britain as tourist.

A great place to start, is Oxford. For those residing or wishing to live in Oxford, renting a flat makes access to this beautiful and historical town so much easier. Oxford, made famous by its university and proximity to the scenic, surrounding Cotswolds countryside, is truly a great place to start your quest to see England through fresh eyes. What better way to get to know about some of England’s greatest traditions if you can regularly visit Oxford’s Eagle and Child pub? This popular pub was a regular haunt used in some of England’s finest works of literature by C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. On a similarly literary note, all of the magic of Philip Pullman’s heroine Lyra started in this very town, making it popular amongst both young and older readers. Of course finding temporary accommodation is feasible as well. Many hotels and guesthouses have their doors open and are ready to welcome you in if you only want to make it a weekend trip.

Equally, relocating and finding a flat to rent in Cambridge will provide similar benefits to those of Oxford. Cambridge has many similar draws for tourists and residents like Oxford. A long standing university tradition, boat punting, beautiful parks and ancient buildings often leaves weekend tourists craving for more of this beautiful town. Like Oxford, Cambridge is not far from pretty countryside. Sussex with its gentle rolling hills, vast fields and small villages is a peaceful place to grab some fresh air at the weekends. Norfolk countryside is also holds a lot of appeal for East Anglia residents, drawing people to Cromer beaches. A weekend retreat at the Michelin starred Morston Hall is the perfect luxury weekend treat for those wishing to splash out and sample some of the UK’s finest hospitality and dining.

The proximity of the two towns to London holds a lot of attraction to both as tourists and residents. Both towns are only a modest train commute away from London, reachable within as little as an hour, which of course is home to many of the UK’s most popular tourist and heritage sites such as the London Eye, The Tower Bridge, Thames Boat Rides and The British Museum. This alone makes these two towns great places to live as tourists at home.

Oxford and Cambridge are of course both famous for their universities. Oxford University and Cambridge University are world famous for being some of the world’s oldest and most prestigious universities, renowned for grueling admissions, producing top graduates and of course their traditional way of life. The universities themselves draw a lot of the tourism in from both the UK and abroad.  The towns themselves also hold many attractions not linked to the universities. Visitors to Oxford and Cambridge often come home with many amusing pictures of boat punting on the River Thames or

There are so many great reasons to not fly away this summer, lower your carbon footprint, learn about your English heritage, maybe even help out a foreign tourist, adventure is on your doorstep!

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Baku: Off the Beaten Track

If you're looking for a destination that deviates from the usual holiday hot spots, a Baku holiday could be an interesting alternative. It's the capital of Azerbaijan, a country with a fascinating history which sits on the western shore of the Caspian Sea.

Baku's story is a long, interesting and violent one; even in the last 500 years various regional Shahs and Russian rulers have laid siege to it and annexed it on several occasions. Azerbaijan occupied a strategic location between the Russian and British Empires in the 19th century before oil became the big prize.

Baku is now a transformed city built on oil money so what is there to see in the capital city? We'll start with the Maiden Tower – built around 800 years ago it's been a focal point for each subsequent generation. The 'Maiden' was probably a relative of one of Baku's early Khans and may have been imprisoned in the tower at one point. The Maiden Tower is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The 500 year old Palace of the Shirvenshahs was built by Ibrahim I after the capital was relocated from Shemakha to Baku. Part of the historical fascination of the palace is the way it lapsed into disrepair until the middle of the 20th century. It's now a sprawling site, some of which is restored and some not but it's a great visit.

One of the few beneficial additions the Russians made during their decades of occupation was the Fountain Square, a spacious public area which features dozens of fountains and places to relax. Cafes and restaurants occupy the periphery for the thirsty tourist.

Baku Old City is another of Baku's World Heritage Sites and parts of it date back around 1300 years. It's the walled area which would have housed the first inhabitants and it's one of the first stops for any visitors. In subsequent centuries fortifications were added and the 19th century cannon emplacements are easy to spot.

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WikiTour is an online travel guide

Whenever there is a holiday around the corner, the most important discussion in a household is about where to go on vacation. There are over a million destinations all around the world and to choose one or two among these is a very tough decision. Everything has to be thought about, from the transportation options available to the number of tourist spots in that place. To find all this information in one place will be an amazing breakthrough.

WikiTour is one such website that offers all the information related to traveling and sight-seeing at just one place. The website has a huge database that helps you to search and find information on any destination in this world. The website contains an organized collection of the information about a place starting from the history of the location, modes of transport that you can use to reach there and use inside that place, tourist spots in the area and accommodation and eating facilities available there. In a nutshell, it is a complete online travel guide.

WikiTour is an online travel guide

WikiTour's objective is to enrich the traveling experience by offering a huge content which is significant and can add value for travelers worldwide. To travel means to meet other people, experience their cultures and not only to make, but also to keep good friends. By bringing more people together - albeit before, during or after traveling - WikiTour will create more understanding for different cultures and countries and ultimately a better world for everyone to travel in.

It is the apt description of the website which is still in its nascent stage. The company wants to keep it as simple as possible since their target audience is pretty huge and they don’t want to lose anyone due to a complicated website which is good thinking. If the team can continue with the hard work and can introduce some innovative changes, they could make this website every traveler’s guide. An aim they have set themselves.

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